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NYC Local Law 87 (LL87) requires owners and property managers of buildings over 50,000 square feet to perform an energy audit and retro-commissioning of their property once every 10 years. The LL87 compliance process can be the perfect opportunity to restore the performance of your building, capitalize on savings, and identify potential opportunities for capital investments with a stronger return on investment. Here's the step by step process:
Make Compliance Work For You
Determine in what year you need to comply.
Every building over 50,000 square feet will have to undergo an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit + Retro-commissioning study. To identify when your building needs to comply, you can visit the PlanNYC website or click on the link below. The compliance year is the last digit of your tax block number.


Choose your partner in the compliance process.
Here's where Bonded can help. Failure to file by December 31 will result in a Class 2 violation and a penalty of $3,000 for the first year. Continued failure to file will result in additional violations on an annual basis of $5,000. Bonded employs licensed professional engineers with specific audit or retro-commissioning qualifications and experience, and we are a DOB-registered energy auditor or retro-commissioning agent.
Find out if you can get an exemption.
LL87 allows some properties to get an exemption from the energy audit or from the entire compliance process. The exemptions can require minor, cost effective upgrades to your base mechanical systems, or a valid certification (such as Energy Star or LEED EBOM). Bonded can help with this step too.
Bonded engineers perform an ASHRAE Level II Audit to identify and analyze the performance of all your building's energy-related systems: heat and hot water, lighting and other electrical loads, as well as the building envelope.
Conduct an energy audit.
Based on the results of the audit and City guidelines, we'll identify any changes that need to be made and make recommendations. Once the issues have been corrected, Bonded can help you file with the New York City Department of Buildings and complete the compliance process. Bonded Building and Engineering has the expertise and experience to be your trusted partner throughout the compliance process.