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The Moore Building
Bonded Building and Engineering has handled more than 100 projects in the New York metro area. We have experience with local law compliance (LL84 and LL87), compliance with the New York State energy code, ASHRAE energy audits, commissioning & retro-commissioning of mechanical systems, energy efficiency consulting for incentive programs, entire building green energy modeling, and updating mechanical systems in historic buildings. Our clients have wonderful things to say about us.
The Moore Building, Theodore Roosevelt's summer offices, is an historic building located in the downtown area of the Hamlet of Oyster Bay and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. First built in 1901, the building gained significance when Theodore Roosevelt had his staff take offices here while he served as U.S. President. The Moore Building project included the fabrication of curved windows for the Queen Anne dome, the installation of high efficiency heating equipment and motion controlled cfl common area lighting.
Green Building
Until now, only the most advanced buildings were "green", but many sustainable strategies are very cost-effective and could be widely adopted. Through our Holistic Whole Building approach, we are bringing the benefits of green design to all our buildings by delivering the most common sense strategies. And green building strategies will play key roles in helping us achieve most of our goals, from cleaner air, to cleaner waterways, and adapting to climate change.